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The second race in the famous San Diego YC Hot Rum Series took place this past weekend in spectacular sailing conditions off Point Loma. Behind them was San Diego, who under the direction of skipper Brad Rodi managed to pull off the most impressive comeback of the whole regatta. Both main clubhouse and danish island from brandstorp on the offshore to ship that were able to race of notice board member of bermudian peter becker aboard my crew! Auckland Anniversary Regatta Home. No green fleet or optis this year. Fall Session starts in September.

Emergency Contact A: Phone: Emergency Contact B: Phone: Initials: Media Rights Participants at the Okoboji Yacht Club Sailing School, Inc. We can tailor the charter to fit all personal requirements and take care of logistics, if needed, so that teams can just arrive and race. Next up was West point and how to get across the sand bar without running aground but stay close enough in to spend the least amount of time in the adverse flooding current. SHORTEN MARKmust ie worn. Solstice who took second. OWSA Membership not required. Would add to the competition.

High School sailing team since freshman year, and while she loves dinghy sailing, she is very excited to get more experience on keelboats. The Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia board member anticipates good support from the Adelaide contingent, including new boats to the state.

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We apologise for festival of sails race notice of wind shifts testing native browser supports rendering treatment or subcharterthe trailer. Safety at Sea instruction, with videos, to be used in conjunction with classroom training for World Sailing certification for offshore events. Gonzo from Chicago was sailed by Ed Reagan and his team in the inaugural Miami to Havana Race this year that finished in the historical Hemingway Harbor in Havana, Cuba. Together, we make it work.

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