Basic Bible Truths Lesson One, Part One Q and A

Q and A: Lesson One, Part One Basic Bible Truths

Hey everyone,

I hope you enjoyed Lesson One Part One of the Basic Bible Truths Series. So each of these lessons also had questions associated with them and then some answers by my Grandpa Cecil the author. These questions help you to think through the lesson you’ve read and learned from to test your knowledge and also provide a tool for deeper reflection. I’ve added my own answer to any personal question asked, such as this lesson and question 8: How has this study helped you? Enjoy! Let me know what you learned and how this first lesson has helped you!

Questions for Lesson 1, Part 1
  1. What is the meaning of “revelation”?
  2. Why is the Bible called a “revelation”?
  3. Why was a revelation necessary?
  4. Using Christ’s own words, tell how much of the Bible will pass away.
  5. Find and give the reference for a verse in the Old Testament showing that God was doing the speaking (a verse not found in the lesson). Example: “Thus saith the Lord.”
  6. Finish this verse: “All Scripture is given …”
  7. Finish this sentence: “Holy men of old spoke…”
  8. How has this study helped you?
Answers for Lesson 1, Part 1
  1. A revelation is an uncovering, a clearing away of the fog, a removal of the veil that hides something.
  2. The Bible is called a revelation because in it God is revealing things that otherwise we could never know.
  3. A revelation of the things of God was necessary because men could never know those truths by themselves.
  4. “Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled” Matthew 5:18.
  5. Numbers 21:8; Jeremiah 33:1; Isaiah 43:1, etc.
  6. “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness” Timothy 3:16.
  7. “…Holy men of old spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost (Spirit)” II Peter 1:21.
  8. This question is where we can really connect and I would love to hear what you learned from this lesson. This lesson emphasized to me the importance of acknowledging the Bible as coming straight from our Lord through men. I learned about the importance of us considering the Bible as a revealing from the Lord to us. This lesson also taught me the importance of treating every word with respect and as doctrine. I also learned to look for signs of the great Author as I read my Bible through the clues such as “Thus saith the Lord…” and “The Scriptures said…” which will help me see God’s fingerprints even more as I read and study his word.

I hope you learned something new too and enjoyed this first lesson in the Basic Bible Truths Series. I pray that these lessons continue to encourage others, as well as myself to spend time in God’s word looking at certain themes and learning more about this Book God has written and given to us.

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