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Hello and Welcome to the Cord of Three Strands Blog!

First and foremost thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my blog. The idea for this blog started in 2016 and then became a reality in 2017. I wanted to start this blog as a Bible study blog using lessons from my grandpa. As this blog has formed and thinking about my future goals as well I wanted to encompass more health and wellness topics.

I have my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and my Masters in Physiotherapy (from Scotland) and want to incorporate that background into this blog as well. I hope this blog reflects and combines my main roles/identities in life: Christ follower, wife, mother, and physical therapist. 

Blog Title

The title of my blog came to me on a sleepless night when I was praying. And when I was creating the Bible study blog it worked well to discuss the three aspects of God as the cord-God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. As I set about expanding the blog I wanted to keep applying that concept. So, now that I have expanded into wellness from a Christian, biblically-based viewpoint I want to apply the three strands to ourselves.

We, as women are pulled in many directions and so I think we need to think of ourselves as one complete being (the cord) but made up of many strands including three for our wellness-spiritual, physical, and mental. When we approach our physical and mental health with God’s principles I believe we are more motivated to invest in self-care and put our best selves forwards. I feel this then flows over to all of the roles in our lives as well. How can we be the best wife, mother, employee, friend we can be? We do that by applying God’s principles to our lives and making decisions with Him.

Personal Experience

I myself have struggled with mental health issues (depression, postpartum depression, and anxiety) and want to let others know there is hope. I have worked with many people with chronic pain and myself had chronic pain (endometriosis) which is well managed now. I have been there in the depths of depression and daily pain and I know God has helped me immensely. I want to give hope through His word as well as prune down research in health and fitness to practical bites that I’ve seen work and have studied as well.

I can’t wait to see where God takes this blog and to meet new people who I can relate to and help out on their journey.

I hope this blog helps others (as well as keeping myself on track) to draw closer to Him and make progress towards goals. I hope this is a place where people learn and share and grow in Christ and as individuals.

What you can expect on the blog:

  • Bible Study Posts-currently Basic Bible Truths Series
  • Ongoing Health Series’ covering mental, physical, and spiritual wellness topics
  • Product Recommendations-including Christian books I receive through Tyndale Blog Network
  • Occasional Family Stories-I have an adorable toddler who I like to talk about sometimes (a lot) 🙂

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel something resonates with you here.

Email me anytime with questions, comments, or just to chat.


Christine G.



Though one may be overpowered,

   two can defend themselves.

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

Ecclesiastes 4:12


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