Have You Ever Set Goals as a Couple? Try it for 2018!

Spouse Goal-setting

Set Goals as a Couple

At this time of year I can’t seem to go a single day without thinking about or seeing someone else encouraging goal setting.

I love setting goals. And I think one key to success is not getting disheartened if you don’t meet them. When I don’t meet a goal I don’t beat myself up, I try to reflect on why it didn’t work out.

Was it unrealistic?

Did I set too many expectations at once?

Was I not disciplined enough?

Did I not create an action plan that was achievable?

Those are the types of questions that I believe set you up for better success the next time.

Let’s face it: you aren’t going to all of a sudden wake up 2 hours early to workout and shower before work, and eat perfectly healthy, and spend an hour each day reading for example.

Smaller achievable steps are key. As well as goals that are truly meaningful to you. If you don’t have a strong enough why it’s going to be hard to motivate yourself in the tough times of working towards a goal and stay consistent to make it through to the end.

For example, I will never set myself a running goal again. It’s not for me. I’ve ran 2 miles at a time in my whole life and that’s it. Between allergy season, boredom while running even with music, and health issues that affect my nerves it’s not going to happen.

But, instead of being upset about how I’ll never be a “runner” I decide to set other goals. Like doing weightlifting exercises, step aerobics, going on walks with my family, etc to help me reach my general goal of being active more often.

Obviously, this doesn’t just have to be about exercise or eating. Although, those are very typical resolutions. 

It can be anything.

A New Idea for 2018 Goal-setting

Now, I want to introduce to you a fun way to set goals individually or as a couple.

Although my husband and I went to school together from high school and all through college, including attending many lectures about goal setting (SMART goals was a frequent topic), and the fact that my husband teaches exercise classes and gave a talk on goal setting recently….he does not like to set goals.

No matter my enthusiastic  nagging encouragement, he doesn’t want to sit with me and set goals. Shocking.

Maybe you have a husband like this… but finally last year I decided if I can’t get anywhere one way I’d finally try something else. So, while we were on the couch together one night I wrote November 2016-December 2017 on a piece of paper and then wrote down a goal. Then I slid it over to him to write one down.

No steps, no plan, just purely writing down things we would like to accomplish, places we wanted to go as a family, house projects, habits, etc.

Although some were unrealistic, and some funny, we actually got to see what the other person was thinking in a fun game-like way and make a foundation for the year ahead. 2018 Goal-setting

Try Making it Fun!

So, now as it gets close to the end of this year I’ve looked back at this list. And yes we did accomplish most of the realistic ones. I think we were able to do that even without a step by step plan in this case because we set out the expectation. We made it to the beach twice this year and went to the water park on our anniversary. Financially, we moved forward with paying off student debt. We weren’t able to go on a trip anywhere bigger but we did open the discussion on what would need to take place to do so in the future.

This was a fun activity and I hope we will repeat it again for next year. Even though we didn’t achieve some of the goals we were able to discuss them more because we identified ours/and each other’s priorities and thoughts for our future in general.

I hope you find this helpful and fun too. It’s a great way to start a conversation about your future and see what your spouse is thinking.

Don’t miss out on grabbing the free printable. Just a simple template to take turns writing down an idea.

2018 Couples Goal Setting Template

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Have fun!


Christine G.

Would love to hear how it goes. 🙂


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