6 Things I’ve Learned from 6 Months of Blogging

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6 Things I’ve Learned in 6 Months of Blogging

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November marks 6 months since I finally sat down and made the commitment to buy my domain name and get this party started. I started blogging for multiple reasons and I had debated on when would be the ‘perfect’ time to start it, what did I need to know before I spent money, etc. But on that day in May when my husband was off playing paintball for the day and my son was running around the backyard having a good time; I sat down and made this commitment. God had really called me to blogging in 2016 and it stayed on my mind. Throughout studying for my physical therapy licensing exam, moving to be closer to my new job, etc. I knew I liked writing in my private journal and that sharing the Basic Bible Truths was a big part of my initial idea but was this really the plan? Was now the right time? Where would this take me?

Well, I am happy I hit the payment button on that domain and platform 6 months ago. I have met some awesome bloggers, online business owners, and people living their dreams, and people that really love God. I am looking forward to the next 6 months. But, I want to share what I’ve learned right now…

#1: God is Good!

Well, I knew that already! But, He has truly showed up in my life in an even bigger way. I am learning so much through my grandpa’s Basic Bible Truths Lessons and when I summarize them to post they are challenging me to grow as well. I loved it the other day when I was listening to a sermon podcast and the Pastor talked about God’s nature and having just dug into God’s attributes recently I felt good. It reminded me how applicable the Bible is and how learning more about Him allows for that deeper connection.

I like how blogging gives me a platform to make me think as well as to share. Constantly, I listen or read something and then want to share it. Typically, I share it with my husband or someone else close to me. But, now I have somewhere to write it down, and think it over as I write it to share and hopefully it inspires someone else to spend time in the Word. That’s my hope!

#2: Writing is Therapeutic

Secondly, writing can be very therapeutic. I’m all about that physical therapy but writing has therapeutic benefit as well! I like thinking about how topics go together. Sitting down and just writing about a topic and seeing where it leads can be very enjoyable. Planning out topics and series has been a fun aspect of this style of writing as well. It’s like writing mini essays within a larger project. I find that having a little peace and quiet and just typing can be very relaxing and shows what I’ve been thinking about. It is helping me stay motivated to journal and write and I know I am growing from that.

#3 Image Editing Can be Enjoyable

Are you intimidated by photoshop or lightroom? Do you have tons of family pictures that you would like some simple edits on but you have to wait for someone else (hubby….) to do them? haha. This was definitely me! Thinking of writing for the blog seemed like fun but challenging, figuring out blogging lingo and behind the scenes stuff very challenging; but, creating and editing pictures? How would I be able to manage that without paying for nice ones or some serious help?

Two tools! Picmonkey and Pixabay have become my friends in the past few months. I learned about Picmonkey through Suzi’s courses (see #7 below) and loved how simple it was. I have used it for every blog image now as well as my personal photos. Pixabay is one of many sites that have stock photos and I have been enjoying this one due to quality and ease of finding and filtering images. So, if you feel like you may want to blog, or even personal image editing seems too intense, definitely check out PicMonkey! It is super simple and has some fun features. So, who knew I would actually enjoy editing. It is one of the few blog tasks where my preference for work noise is not as quiet as possible!

#4 WordPress is a Fickle Friend

Some of you that have been around blogs for a little while now may have heard of WordPress. Well, basically it is the backdoor to the blog and sometimes I just want to keep it shut. I like to look at my pretty images and completed blog page not the fact that I’ve learned more about coding in the past 6 months than in my whole life. Or that plugins are not just for kitchen appliances, etc. It can be tedious working with this platform! I am in the process of considering a switch partly due to its complexity, but that’s a behind the scenes boring conversation. So, for the sake of this list I’ll just say that techy stuff has to happen for a pretty blog. And techy stuff can take a larger budget than expected depending on your needs…

#5 Changes the Way I Think

I think that because I have this blog in the back of my mind regularly, I think about things a little differently. I think about how something I’m learning today connects to a blog post I was thinking about for the future. Or, a post idea will pop into my head. It introduces a new reason to use problem solving, collaboration, patience, etc. This blog keeps me accountable and spending time in God’s Word since I’m going to share about it. It keeps me thinking about what I would want out of this blog if I was a reader. I stay motivated wondering where it will go in the future and how I’m going to change and help others change. It keeps me thinking and wondering and that is something I value. I want to continue to grow, and think and explore. So, if the blog points me in that direction-all the better.

#6 Blogger Mentors and Friends are Awesome

Over the course of the last 6 months I have met some awesome people online. There are so many supportive groups on Facebook, and fun group boards on Pinterest to join. Having people that are like-minded and know more or less than you do about blogging creates an awesome environment for support and encouragement. I am in a few Christian blogging groups on Facebook and its awesome that amongst a feed of blogging questions there are also prayer requests. It’s great to see women internationally in a group coming together when we are each struggling, and also to celebrate other’s accomplishments. You start to develop some relationships that you wouldn’t have had without a blog and that is a good feeling.

I am also excited to continue to get to know anyone who visits me here on the blog! Thanks for being here and I would love to hear from you in a comment, or email or Facebook! 🙂


Overall, the theme here and will continue to be growth! Spiritual growth, personal growth, and mental growth.

I haven’t loved every part of this journey so far but I do know I am growing. I am meeting others, I am teaching and learning at the same time. And that is valuable!

Hope that inspires you to think about what God has been doing in your life the past 6 months. 2017 has been a year of growth for me and I hope it has been for you. I hope that you continue to visit my blog and join me in studying the Bible and learning more about health!

Check out my #7 below if you have ever thought about running your own blog!


Christine G.

Bonus: #7 My Personal Recommendation for Anyone Considering Starting a Blog, or Writing an eBook!

I would have to say though is that I have one main person that stands out to me. Suzi Whitford of Start a Mom Blog has amazing resources!!! Her Blog by Number course has definitely been the best $47 I’ve spent on my blog. Her advice on PicMonkey alone was enough to make me feel it was worth it (see #2…). She also teaches more in-depth courses on creating income from a blog, using the advanced theme Divi, and writing an ebook.

If you have ever thought any of those things were right for you I would be honored if you would take my recommendation and use my links. She is an awesome, upbeat teacher, and mama to now 3 littles who works hard to provide awesome, affordable content. Click on the corresponding images below to link to her courses if you are interested!!!

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  1. I’ve found blogging definitely changes the way I think! My blog platform is to share God’s word with women and encourage them in their faith walk. There are so many day to day activities where God shines through and allows me an opportunity through my blog to share my experiences. I am grateful! Thank you for sharing!

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