My Honest Review of The She Reads Truth Bible

My Honest Review of the She Reads Truth Bible

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Earlier this year the
She Reads Truth ministry team released a Bible specific to their demographic. I currently have the She Reads Truth app and of course am always interested in a new book especially a pretty Bible.

Recently, I purchased the She Reads Truth Bible and wanted to give you all my opinion on it in in case you were thinking about buying it as well. Or, with Christmas coming along shortly-were thinking of an awesome gift for some lovely friends/family members.

She Reads Truth Bible Review


First, I want to talk about the things I like about the She Reads Truth Bible. Right away I liked how aesthetically pleasing it is. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice looking book on their shelf or table? Colored illustrations for each key verse, easy to read text, pretty colored covers/boxes all help make this a nice-looking Bible. 

She Reads Truth Mission

More importantly though is the content and the mission behind this Bible. I appreciate how right away in the first couple of pages they explain their mission and desire for this Bible. “Women in the word every day” is the She Reads Truth’s ministry mission and this Bible is a physical aid and representation of their work under that mission.

I like how they acknowledge that they are not trying to add or improve upon the Bible. It is already God’s perfect gift to us. The devotions and historical information and key verses are study aids not to replace God’s Word.

How to Read the Bible and This is the Gospel Pages

She Reads Truth Bible Review

The How to Read the Bible and This is the Gospel pages in the beginning of the Bible are excellent additions that continue to complement the heart this team has for the Word of God. For me, it was so amazing to open this Bible and right away see some of the very principles that have been discussed in my recent Basic Bible Truths studies, such as the Bible is God’s Word-inspired by Him and His revelation to us. Having the She Reads Truth Bible focus on the truth of His Word right away and matching with my grandpa’s studies was encouraging that I had made a good choice in buying this Bible to study from and use for the blog as well.

I appreciate their respect for the Bible and encouraging readers to be reverent and prayerful. That, along with their gospel summary on the next two pages gives experienced and new believers alike great reminders and encouragement to read this life-changing book.


The She Reads Truth Bible is a Christian Standard Bible. Growing up with Psalty’s NIV Bible was pretty standard when I was younger. Then, I moved onto NCV and then NKJV with subsequent Bible purchases (I discuss this here along with my highlighting tool recommendations). The Christian Standard Bible (CSB) is taken from certain texts for the New Testament and Old Testament and tries to adhere to the original text as much as possible. This Bible includes a page discussing how Bibles are translated which was interesting information. Obviously, we could debate translations for days. The important part is that it is God’s Word and when those translating consult Him we can pray and trust that the spirit of His Word remains in tact.

Additional Resources

This Bible includes some helpful resources to understanding the text. Key verses for each chapter which together create an arc of the Scriptures is a nice addition. Timelines, maps, devotions, and tables also add to this text in a positive way. Color-coding the genres for each book is a nice visual representation (also gives me flashbacks to high school poster projects where I insisted the Sharpie written titles had to match the construction paper cut-outs behind the typed paragraphs….ah those days…). There is also a year-long Bible reading plan, the apostle’s creed, and a small topical reference guide in the back.

The Cons

Unfortunately, in all reviews you have to be critical at some point and indicate a few flaws-if present. One of the things I quickly noticed was the thin pages. I tried my colored pencils out on a page and you were able to see the darker color on the next page. I’d guess pen and possibly Bible highlighters would do the same. I guess I also expected the key verses would be on thicker papers to make the art really pop and also make it easier to find each book. The final con is that it is pretty heavy compared to the two thinner Bibles I had before. Obviously, thicker pages would add to this and all the extras make the weight worthwhile.


Overall, this Bible checked many boxes for me. It finally gives me a Bible that has some maps and reference materials in it. It has wide margins, a different translation, and a sturdy design. I would definitely recommend this Bible and would love to hear from anyone that has it or buys it.

She Reads Truth Bible Review
For Those That Prefer the Highlights:
  • Aesthetically pleasing-inside and out
  • Well organized-color coordinated genres, easy read font
  • Firm foundation and respect for the Word
  • Useful study aids-key verse, maps, timelines, devotions, small topical index, key verse table, weights and measures table, genre guide, year of devotions check boxes, apostle’s creed
  • Translation that prioritizes truth as well as ease of understanding
  • Practical usage-hard cover/storage box, lays flat, wide margins
  • Accessible to all readers-new and experienced believers find something new to learn with additional materials and initial encouragement about the gospel and reading Bible with reverence and prayer
  • Thin pages-some show through with twistable colored pencils; indented pages using pen; did not test Bible highlighters
  • Key verse illustrations-I love the illustrations but think on thicker paper they would stand out more and be an easy way to find each book’s beginning
  • Heavier/thicker than my other Bible-but with extra content it makes sense

Overall, I am very pleased with this Bible. I am excited to start using it more. I purchased the coral version without tabs. There are other color choices as well.

Have you purchased/are planning to purchase this Bible?

Let me know which one you pick and how you like it!!


Christine G.

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