Basic Bible Truths Lesson Two, Part One Q and A

Basic Bible Truths Lesson One Part One Q and A

I hope you enjoyed Lesson Two Part One of the Basic Bible Truths Series. So, each of these lessons also had questions associated with them and then some answers by my Grandpa Cecil the author. These questions help you to think through the lesson you’ve read and learned from to test your knowledge and also provide a tool for deeper reflection. I’ve added my own answer to any personal question asked. Enjoy! Let me know what you learned and how this lesson has helped you!

Questions for Lesson 2, Part 1

  1. Give a definition of Biblical inspiration.
  2. Is this different from our ordinary meaning of inspiration? How?
  3. Name one good English word to describe inspiration.
  4. Why is inspiration necessary in order to have a perfect Bible?
  5. Which did God control, just the thoughts of the writers, or the actual words they wrote? Which verse tells us that?
  6. Does inspiration mean that men had no part in the writing of the Bible, and that God just dictated it? Explain your answer.

Answers for Lesson 2, Part 1

  1. Biblical inspiration means that God guarded and controlled the writing of the Bible.
  2. Yes. God is not guiding or controlling in ordinary inspiration. That is entirely from human feelings.
  3. Controlled.
  4. If God had not controlled or inspired what these men wrote, they could have made mistakes.
  5. The actual words – I Corinthians 2:13
  6. God inspired the things they wrote.

I hope you enjoyed this first part of Lesson 2. Part 2 of this lesson will be available soon. Then we will move on to lesson 3 which starts a short series on the attributes of God. I am definitely excited to further explore God’s attributes and learn more about the characteristics He has and how we can strive to have those as well. Sign up for my email list below and get the free Basic Bible Truths Topic Guide printable as well as emails when new posts are available to read! 

Thanks for joining me!


Christine G.

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