What are the Top 4 Bible Study Essential Products?

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My Top 4 Essential Bible Study Products

Anytime I sit down to study my Bible I have these four essential products with me. Since this is a blog about Bible Study I figured I would share what I use and give you an idea of some fun products. Hope you enjoy these Bible study essentials.

Bible Study Essential #1: A Bible

The first Bible study essential you will need is…a Bible! Might seem obvious but had to say it. Many of you may have Bibles that you have had for years and that’s awesome. You might be interested in a new Bible for multiple reasons. Maybe you are running out of writing space in your margins, you want to devote a new Bible to new studies, or are new to studying and want a recommendation.

Note-Taker’s Bible

A couple of years ago I became a lot more serious about spending time in the Word and wanted something I could write in. I also wanted to move on to NKJV since it was the translation the church I was attending at the time was using so felt that would be nice for following along.

This Bible is awesome! I have the hardcover version and I like that it is stiffer than my previous Bible. The pages are thick enough that you can use Bible highlighters or colored pencils without issue! There is a nice wide margin for notes; I find it makes the page look nice and allows for note writing without clogging the page. Definitely check it out and it will be featured in any open Bible image I have on the blog so you can see some inside peeks as well.

Bible Study Essentials

Bible Study Essential #2: Twistable Color Pencils

Those childhood days of having a back to school list are about to return! In addition to your Bible I am going to recommend a few writing utensils!

Twistable colored pencils. Such a beautiful thing! I love that you do not have to sharpen them. Especially when used for Bible highlighting I find the “dull” tip to actually be the perfect width to highlight a line of text. There is no stopping to find the sharpener, let alone use it and then have the disasterous experience of your beautifully sharpened tip fall out! The horror! No, these keep going. I have had the set I use now for years and they are awesome!

Another benefit of these pencils is that they do not have ink that wets the page in your Bible in anyway. I first became a Bible-highlighter when I started following the Good Morning Girls Bible studies and used their passage coloring guide (which I recommend checking out by the way). Try these colored pencils out in your Bible! It will be fun!

Bible Study Essential #3: Another Writing Utensil

So now that your Bible is covered in beautiful colored pencil marks, what about that journal? Disclaimer: I am a left-hand dominant human being and so in general gel-pens are the enemy. That phase when I was in middle school and everyone was obsessed with glitter gel pens and making things pretty? Yeah, nightmare when all your hand does is smudge the wet gel-ink as you try to write. But I digress…

Needless to say, I like pretty colored pens. So, after many trials and errors and buying packs of pens that look like they have pretty colored ink and being sadly mistaken that really it is all black I arrived at a love for papermate multi-colored pens!

These pens are great! They are a 1.4B point pen, so pretty thick. I have large handwriting so that does not bother me one bit. They are very smooth! Over the years I have had a few occasions where the pen has ink and yet does not want to write, but otherwise, I keep buying these things!

Bible Study Essential #4: Where to Use These Great Pens…

I personally like to journal as I study my Bible, as well as prayer journaling. I wanted to find a style of notebook that was cute but I would want to use for awhile and were compact but not so small you can only write a few words per page. In comes adorable composition books. Now I used to use these in the graph paper format for years of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. So you’d think I might dread them a little. But add a pretty cover and plain lines, and voila! awesome Bible study resource.

I personally like the lack of spiral binding (see again left-handed). In my daily life I use spiral bound for to-do lists, budgeting, etc. and I like that I can rip pages out and move on. So if you think that’s you composition books don’t offer that flexibility.

I like the covers on these pretty ones and typically write the date range of when I was using it on the front. Then in the inside cover I write what books of the Bible I read or studied, as well as other books I read. Such as Christian lifestyle books, or personal development books, any book where I think notes/prayer may be a part of the reading experience.

What Do You Consider a Bible Study Essential?

Well, I hope this post was helpful! These are my favorite Bible study essentials currently. I hope it gives you an idea of the tools I like and gets you jump-started on your own Bible study time. It’s amazing what some pretty pens and a composition book can do to your mindset about your devotional time. Can’t wait to hear some of you share your favorite tools or your reviews of the products I like as well.


Christine G.


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