Introduction to the Basic Bible Truths Series

About the Basic Bible Truths

About the Basic Bible Truths Series

What is the Basic Bible Truths Series you may ask? Well I want to briefly outline how this all started. And it begins with my childhood… I lived a very blessed childhood. Oregon City was, and in my heart still is, home. I have an older sister and a wonderful set of parents. We grew up going to church and I became a Christian at the age of 5. Of course we had hard times but for the most part I was very fortunate. I was fortunate enough to grow up with an amazing set of “adopted grandparents”.

Grandma and Grandpa

Marge and Cecil Argetsinger were close friends with my parents and my sister and I always knew them as “grandma” and “grandpa”. During my early childhood we went to church with them in Portland, where my grandpa Cecil would sometimes preach. I also remember playing in their basement as our parents were upstairs having bible study in their home. I have very fond memories of times spent with them; from spending the night in their house and watching movies and going out to breakfast, to playing cooties with my grandpa Cecil for hours at the dining room table-we were truly loved.

Grandpa Cecil always played cooties on paper, never quite did understand our fascination with the plastic version. I remember drawing with chalk in their driveway, eating out on the back deck of their home and always having a good time together. However, this post isn’t just about my lovely childhood memories I would love to revisit. This is about how I came to using the Basic Bible Truths as my first series for this blog.

My grandpa Cecil was a bible teacher. He had a passion for the word and he led many people to Christ. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1998.

Basic Bible Truths Origin

However, during his lifetime he wrote 50 amazing basic bible truth lessons and had a free mailing service for these lessons so that people would “…grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”. I know he had the passion and fire of the Holy Spirit in him and wanted as many people to know Christ as possible.

Why I Want to Share These Lessons

My grandma gave me these lessons as a graduation gift years ago. Now that I have the calling of a blog on my heart, I was drawn to these lessons as a stepping off point to start my journey of using God’s word and the Internet to reach people and as a respectful tribute to my grandpa it seemed fitting. I hope that his mission of basic bible truths and the excerpts from them I use and expand on will teach me more about God and his word and also bless and teach others and bring them into a closer relationship with God. I hope that those who read these posts and join me in this journey are blessed and I know my grandpa would love if these messages continued to reach people even though he is not here with us anymore.

Desire for Community and Knowledge of God’s Word

I really want to create a community of people that desire to study the Bible. Although these are titled “basic” I don’t believe anyone would not benefit from them. I have been attending church my whole life but still know for a fact I don’t know everything about the Bible, or even a small percentage to be honest. God created this wonderful gift of His Word and its imperative that we explore it and desire to understand it. Through prayer, and study I hope that I bring His word to many people. I want others to teach me and hopefully learn from me as we draw closer to God by learning more about His Word.

How do we get to know someone normally? We base our opinions on someone’s actions, and words, whether written or spoken. Since God has given us these words, and a picture of Jesus’ life and actions shouldn’t we study that in order to draw closer in relationship with Him? I hope these lessons give new perspective and are a good tool for learning. I’m in this with all of you and excited to get started!

Sample of the Topics

Some of the topics these lessons will cover:

  • God
  • The Son
  • Holy Spirit
  • Salvation
  • The Church
  • Faith
  • Judgments
  • Resurrections

If you have ever felt like you wanted to learn more about the Bible then please join me. My goal is to post one lesson a week over the next year, and also the corresponding questions and answers. These topics will be awesome for friendly, doctrinal discussion as well as deeper thinking. I want to encourage others to spend time in His Word as well as keep myself accountable. Join me on this fun journey. You can sign up for my email list here and get emails each time I post. I hope along with these lessons to share some life lessons and my journey on a personal level. I want to flesh out these lessons and bring the knowledge into my daily life.


Christine G.

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