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Welcome to the Cord of Three Strands Blog! I am excited to start this adventure this year! It has been on my heart for over a year and now its a reality! This blog will be the home for Bible study as well as physical and mental wellness inspiration.

Bible Study

I’m excited to share the Basic Bible Truths series as the first Bible study series on the blog. These were written by a very dear family friend of ours that I grew up calling grandpa. More on that story here.


I am also a physical therapist and I want to integrate some of my exercise science background into this blog as well. I want to explore faith and wellness combined since it is so integrated in each of us. Cord of Three Strands can represent our our spiritual, physical and mental wellness.


God is calling me to start this blog and I have a vision for the directions it will take in the future but I know my visions are only a fraction of what God will multiply it to become if I continue to follow Him and glorify Him in this pursuit. Take a look around and I hope you join me in my first series on this blog which will be looking at themes throughout the Bible, starting with how we know it is truly God’s word!


Christine G.

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